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Teachers of CCIS Participated In The Fourteenth Statistical Science Seminar in Fujian

计算机学院en   Time: 2016-12-02  Author:  Visits: 11   

On November 29th, 2016, on behalf of College of Computer and Information Sciences, Deputy Dean Liu Jinfu and Lin Yurui, as well as two young teachers attended the Fourteenth Statistical Science Seminar in Fujian to discuss about the development of Statistical Science.

In the morning, Wen Fuguan, president of the Fujian Statistical Society and Head of Statisticians of Fujian Bureau of Statistics, delivered a speech on the development of Statistical Science in Fujian. Afterwards, the authors of the excellent papers made reports and the experts gave reviews. In the afternoon, Deputy Dean Liu Jinfu delivered a lecture entitled Where Is The Future of Statistical Science, pointing out that the current development of statistical discipline and its future trends in China, which was widely recognized by the experts.



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