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Professor Chen Chaoying

  Time: 2016-10-26  Author:  Visits: 62   

     Chen Chaoying (1958-), male, professor, doctorial and master supervisor, first  graduated as a science master of mathematical biology major from Department of  Mathematics, Jiangxi Normal University in 1989, and then graduated as an  agronomy doctor of agricultural insect and pest control major from College of  Plant Protection, FAFU(Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University) in 2004. Now,  Prof. Chen is the director of  bioinformatics teaching and research section of  CCIS(College of Computer and Science), FAFU, the member of first Fujian  Institute of Mathematical Biology Council, the member of second Professional  Committee of Grey System about Chinese Research Society of Optimization, Overall  Planning Method and Economic Mathematics and is employed as a review expert by  Journal of Economics. Since 1989, he has been working as a teacher in FAFU,  mainly engaged in bio-mathematics, gray system theory and insect ecology  research. By now, Prof. Chen has nearly 20 papers published in the authoritative  journals and the provincial journals. Besides, Professor has presided over or  participated in eight national and provincial scientific research projects,  including currently presiding over one province natural fund research projects  and participating in writing one textbook called Linear Algebra. 



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