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Professor Feng Dewang

  Time: 2016-10-26  Author:  Visits: 58   

      Feng Dewang (1968-), male, professor and D.E., graduated as a major of  communication and information systems from College of Mechanical and Electronic  Engineering, CUMT(China University of Mining and Technology). And he was mainly  engaged in the research work in terms of electromagnetic compatibility. By now,  he has nearly 20 papers been published in academic journal, such as Chinese  Journey of Radio Science, Journal of China Coal Society and Journal of Beijing  Institute of Technology, etc. Among these 20 papers, there were 8 papers being  retrieved by EI and having participated in several research projects. Those  research projects are the State Natural Sciences Fund the National High  Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), Special Research  Found for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, the Natural Science Found of  Fujian Province and the Education Department of Fujian  Province.



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