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Professor Jing Lin

  Time: 2016-10-26  Author:  Visits: 53   

      Jing Lin(1957--), male, postgraduate advisor, as a member of digital forestry  construction experts group in Fujian province, vice president of Forest  Engineering and Forestry Information Application Branch of Fujian Forestry  Association, director of Fujian Computer Institute and executive director of  Fujian Internet Association, is incumbent director of Modern Education  Technology and Information Management Center. He has served as deputy director  of Scientific Research Planning Office of the Department of Science and  Technology of the State Forestry Administration (serving a temporary position  ),secretary of the Party Committee of College of Transportation and deputy  secretary of Jinshan College, etc. His main research field is the application of  computers in transportation engineering and forest engineering. There have been  one research project of Provincial Science and Technology Commission, two of  provincial Education Department and three of provincial Forestry Department  completed and a monograph named Programmable Controller Network Technology and  Its Application published under his responsibility. Moreover, he got more than  30 of his first author papers published in the academic journals such as  Computer Application, Forest Sciences and Journal of Transportation Engineering  and Information Technology, etc. and numbers of his scientific achievements  promoted and applied in the production. He was entitled Star of Ethics in Fujian  province.



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