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professor Liu Jinfu

  Time: 2016-10-15  Author:  Visits: 58   

      Liu Jinfu (1966-), male, Doctor of Science, Postdoctor,  Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, the senior visiting scholar of the University of  Alabama in America, and is the current Deputy Dean of College of Computer and  Information Sciences of FAFU, associate editor of Journal of Fujian College of  Forestry, the subject leader of statistics and wildlife protection, Director of  Fujian Key Laboratory of Ecology and Resource Statistics, and Research Center of  the Channel Nature Reserve. He has been chosen as one of the training targets of  the Fujian “Millions of Talents Project”, and has gained the title of  “Pace-setters in the new Long March”, participated in the “Program for New  Century Excellent Talents in University of Fujian Province”, won various honors  such as the “Promising Key Teachers” of FAFU, the “Renowned Teachers”, the  “Outstanding Educators”, and the “Excellent Party Member in ‘A Good’ Campaign”,  etc.
       Professor Liu Jinfu is mainly engaged in the teaching and  scientific research of the fields like Biostatistics and Management and  Construction of Nature Reserve, etc. He has been in charge of over 10  researches, including the Research Fund for Doctoral Program, the Provincial  Natural Science Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the  ITTO-funded projects, the major projects of the Fujian provincial Office of  Science and Technology and China’s Postdoctoral Science Fund Program, etc. Among  these, there were two project outcomes that have passed the provincial appraisal  and both reached to the international advanced level, and five of them were  awarded the second and the third prizes of the provincial level Technology  Progress. Prof. Liu Jinfu has also undertaken more than 10 postgraduate and  doctoral courses teaching and undergraduate courses teaching, which consist of  Biostatistics and Experimental Designs and Statistical Analyses and so on.  What’s more, Prof. Liu has been responsible for 11 items of provincial and field  grade teaching reform, and ten of his teaching results were awarded the grand,  first and second prizes of provincial and university-level teaching  achievements. He has published 10-odd papers on teaching reform. And three  courses given by Professor Liu, including Biostatistics, were all awarded the  title of “Excellent Curriculum” and the teaching team that he led on the “Forest  Surroundings” was granted the title of “School level Teaching Team”. In  addition, he has published in authoritative publications like Statistical  Research, Journal Of Mountain Science and Acta Ecologica Sinica over 100 papers,  which have enjoyed the high citation rate and many of them have received  important awards. He once participated in the compiling of five monographs,  which includes the Experimental Designs and Statistical Analyses and the Study  on Forest Ecosystem Management, etc.



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