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professor Lin Yurui

  Time: 2016-10-15  Author:  Visits: 43   

      Lin Yurui (1963-), female, professor, the supervisor of  postgraduate and the deputy den of CCIS(college of computer and information  science) , FAFU, who graduated with her bachelor degree from FAFU in applied  mathematics and graduated with her master degree from Xiamen university in basic  math. She engages in researching numerical algebra, mathematical statistics and  application research for a long time and mainly undertakes task of teaching the  course of Numerical Analysis, Prediction and Decision of Statistics, Economic  Forecasting, Decision-Making, etc. Professor Lin has hosted several projects  successively including the project of Fujian natural science found plan, the  project of provincial board of education found plan, etc. She has published over  20 papers in Journal of Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and  Mechanics, ACTA MATHEMATICA SCIENTIA, etc. One of her paper titled STRUCTURES OF  CIRCULANT INVERSE M - MATRICES has won the third prize in the ninth Fujian  natural science academic paper competition.



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