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professor Wen Yongxian

  Time: 2016-10-15  Author:  Visits: 62   

      Wen Yongxian (1966-), female, professor, doctor, the doctoral supervisor, the  deputy den of CCIS(college of computer and information science), FAFU, standing  director of Fujian mathematic society and biomathematics society, director of  Fujian female workers in science and technology association. The main research  direction she engages is the application of statistics and bioinformatics. In  October 2012 to October 2013, professor Wen has been to UCR( the university of  California, riverside at the United State) as a visitor. She has published over  20 papers in domestic and foreign core journals like the Journal of Heredity. So  far, she has hosted a national natural foundation project and a Fujian natural  fund project and has completed a Fujian natural fund project two projects of  Fujian science and technology of education department and has participated in a  national natural fund project. The main courses she undertakes are Probability  and Mathematical Statistics, Advanced Biometrics, Linear Algebra, Mathematical  Analysis, Advanced Mathematics, etc. She has edited two textbooks and hosted and  finished four teaching reform projects provincial above, and has won five prizes  of school teaching achievement. She has been endowed the titles of Teaching  Masters in 2011, Outstanding Communist Party Member of FAFU in 2008, Excellent  Teacher of FAFU in 2007 and Top Ten Youth Female Staff of FAFU in 2006.



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