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professor Zhong Yiwen

  Time: 2016-10-15  Author:  Visits: 52   

      Zhong Yiwen ( 1968-), male, professor, doctor and supervisor of postgraduates,  now serves as the executive assistant dean of CCIS of FAFU and the deputy  chairman of Fujian Computer Society. He graduated from College of Computer of  Zhejiang University on June 2005. From October 2007 to April 2008 and from April  2011 to June 2012, he was in Indiana University as a visiting scholar. He  majored in the study of Computational Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Scientific  Data Visualization and Software Engineering. And he successively finished some  studies of provincial natural science fund programs and published over 30  academic papers which more than ten of them were collected by SCT and  EI.



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