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Professor Chen Riqing

  Time: 2016-10-15  Author:  Visits: 67   

      Chen Riqing (1979- ), male, doctor, now serves as the president and  distinguished professor of Computer and Information Technology College in FAFU  University. He graduated from Imperial College London as a master of  communication and signal processing (MSc with Distinction) in 2004 and Oxford  University as a doctor of engineering science. (D. Phil.)Since 2011, he has been  awarded the title of innovative and entrepreneurial talent in Jiangsu Talent  Introduction Policy and later the talent title in Fujian One-hundred Talent  Program. He has abundant experience in industrial circles and academic research  with more than ten years’ study and work in the telecommunication field. He was  once a software engineer of Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell, an international  tendering manager of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in the department of European  region, a dean of information engineering department in the college of  electrical engineering and photovoltaic technology, Nanjing University of  Science and a deputy director in the research institute of wireless  communication and sensor network and so on. 



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