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The College of Computer and Information Sciences Professor style


1.Professor Chen Riqing


     Chen Riqing (1979- ), male, doctor, now serves as the president and distinguished professor of Computer and Information Technology College in FAFU University. He graduated from Imperial College London as a master of communication and signal processing (MSc with Distinction) in 2004 and Oxford University as a doctor of engineering science. (D. Phil.)Since 2011, he has been awarded the title of innovative and entrepreneurial talent in Jiangsu Talent Introduction Policy and later the talent title in Fujian One-hundred Talent Program. He has abundant experience in industrial circles and academic research with more than ten years’ study and work in the telecommunication field. He was once a software engineer of Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell, an international tendering manager of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in the department of European region, a dean of information engineering department in the college of electrical engineering and photovoltaic technology, Nanjing University of Science and a deputy director in the research institute of wireless communication and sensor network and so on. 


2.Professor Zhong Yiwen


     Zhong Yiwen ( 1968-), male, professor, doctor and supervisor of postgraduates, now serves as the executive assistant dean of CCIS of FAFU and the deputy chairman of Fujian Computer Society. He graduated from College of Computer of Zhejiang University on June 2005. From October 2007 to April 2008 and from April 2011 to June 2012, he was in Indiana University as a visiting scholar. He majored in the study of Computational Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Scientific Data Visualization and Software Engineering. And he successively finished some studies of provincial natural science fund programs and published over 30 academic papers which more than ten of them were collected by SCT and EI.


3.Professor Wen Yongxian


      Wen Yongxian (1966-), female, professor, doctor, the doctoral supervisor, the deputy den of CCIS(college of computer and information science), FAFU, standing director of Fujian mathematic society and biomathematics society, director of Fujian female workers in science and technology association. The main research direction she engages is the application of statistics and bioinformatics. In October 2012 to October 2013, professor Wen has been to UCR( the university of California, riverside at the United State) as a visitor. She has published over 20 papers in domestic and foreign core journals like the Journal of Heredity. So far, she has hosted a national natural foundation project and a Fujian natural fund project and has completed a Fujian natural fund project two projects of Fujian science and technology of education department and has participated in a national natural fund project. The main courses she undertakes are Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Advanced Biometrics, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Mathematics, etc. She has edited two textbooks and hosted and finished four teaching reform projects provincial above, and has won five prizes of school teaching achievement. She has been endowed the titles of Teaching Masters in 2011, Outstanding Communist Party Member of FAFU in 2008, Excellent Teacher of FAFU in 2007 and Top Ten Youth Female Staff of FAFU in 2006.


4.Professor Lin Yurui


      Lin Yurui (1963-), female, professor, the supervisor of postgraduate and the deputy den of CCIS(college of computer and information science) , FAFU, who graduated with her bachelor degree from FAFU in applied mathematics and graduated with her master degree from Xiamen university in basic math. She engages in researching numerical algebra, mathematical statistics and application research for a long time and mainly undertakes task of teaching the course of Numerical Analysis, Prediction and Decision of Statistics, Economic Forecasting, Decision-Making, etc. Professor Lin has hosted several projects successively including the project of Fujian natural science found plan, the project of provincial board of education found plan, etc. She has published over 20 papers in Journal of Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, ACTA MATHEMATICA SCIENTIA, etc. One of her paper titled STRUCTURES OF CIRCULANT INVERSE M - MATRICES has won the third prize in the ninth Fujian natural science academic paper competition.


5.Professor Liu Jinfu


    Liu Jinfu (1966-), male, Doctor of Science, Postdoctor, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, the senior visiting scholar of the University of Alabama in America, and is the current Deputy Dean of College of Computer and Information Sciences of FAFU, associate editor of Journal of Fujian College of Forestry, the subject leader of statistics and wildlife protection, Director of Fujian Key Laboratory of Ecology and Resource Statistics, and Research Center of the Channel Nature Reserve. He has been chosen as one of the training targets of the Fujian “Millions of Talents Project”, and has gained the title of “Pace-setters in the new Long March”, participated in the “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Fujian Province”, won various honors such as the “Promising Key Teachers” of FAFU, the “Renowned Teachers”, the “Outstanding Educators”, and the “Excellent Party Member in ‘A Good’ Campaign”, etc.
        Professor Liu Jinfu is mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific research of the fields like Biostatistics and Management and Construction of Nature Reserve, etc. He has been in charge of over 10 researches, including the Research Fund for Doctoral Program, the Provincial Natural Science Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the ITTO-funded projects, the major projects of the Fujian provincial Office of Science and Technology and China’s Postdoctoral Science Fund Program, etc. Among these, there were two project outcomes that have passed the provincial appraisal and both reached to the international advanced level, and five of them were awarded the second and the third prizes of the provincial level Technology Progress. Prof. Liu Jinfu has also undertaken more than 10 postgraduate and doctoral courses teaching and undergraduate courses teaching, which consist of Biostatistics and Experimental Designs and Statistical Analyses and so on. What’s more, Prof. Liu has been responsible for 11 items of provincial and field grade teaching reform, and ten of his teaching results were awarded the grand, first and second prizes of provincial and university-level teaching achievements. He has published 10-odd papers on teaching reform. And three courses given by Professor Liu, including Biostatistics, were all awarded the title of “Excellent Curriculum” and the teaching team that he led on the “Forest Surroundings” was granted the title of “School level Teaching Team”. In addition, he has published in authoritative publications like Statistical Research, Journal Of Mountain Science and Acta Ecologica Sinica over 100 papers, which have enjoyed the high citation rate and many of them have received important awards. He once participated in the compiling of five monographs, which includes the Experimental Designs and Statistical Analyses and the Study on Forest Ecosystem Management, etc.


6.Professor Ning Zhengyuan


     Ning Zhengyuan (1957-), male, Professor and Tutor of Postgraduates. He is mainly engaged in the analysis and design of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and bioinformatics research, and his main contents of teaching are Data Structure and Visual Basic Programming, etc. He has chaired or participated in over ten projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Provincial Natural Science Fund, Provincial Young Talents Innovation Fund, Fujian Cooperation Projects, and projects of Provincial Ministry of Education and so on. And he has nearly 20 articles been published in publications home and abroad and received several honors such as Fujian College Curriculum Excellence Award, the first prize of excellent teaching achievement of Fuzhou University based on the study of 21st century computer basic courses teaching content and curriculum system reform, and the first award of excellent teaching achievement of FAFU, etc.


7.Professor Jing Lin


     Jing Lin(1957--), male, postgraduate advisor, as a member of digital forestry construction experts group in Fujian province, vice president of Forest Engineering and Forestry Information Application Branch of Fujian Forestry Association, director of Fujian Computer Institute and executive director of Fujian Internet Association, is incumbent director of Modern Education Technology and Information Management Center. He has served as deputy director of Scientific Research Planning Office of the Department of Science and Technology of the State Forestry Administration (serving a temporary position ),secretary of the Party Committee of College of Transportation and deputy secretary of Jinshan College, etc. His main research field is the application of computers in transportation engineering and forest engineering. There have been one research project of Provincial Science and Technology Commission, two of provincial Education Department and three of provincial Forestry Department completed and a monograph named Programmable Controller Network Technology and Its Application published under his responsibility. Moreover, he got more than 30 of his first author papers published in the academic journals such as Computer Application, Forest Sciences and Journal of Transportation Engineering and Information Technology, etc. and numbers of his scientific achievements promoted and applied in the production. He was entitled Star of Ethics in Fujian province.


8.Professor Zhou Shucheng


      Zhou Shucheng(1965-), male, PH.D and postgraduate advisor, who graduates from Computer Software and Theory major of Northwest University is incumbent director of Network Engineering Department of College of Computer and Information Sciences of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. His research field covers image processing, pattern recognition and computer control technique. He has successively won two second prizes for the teaching achievement and one third prize. There have been one teaching reform project, one excellent course, two youth fund projects of FAFU, two provincial natural science foundation, and two scientific research projects of Fujian Education Department under his responsibility. Moreover, he has also got three textbooks edited or complied and more than twenty academic papers published, among which four are included in EI(The Engineering Index).

9.Professor Wang Xiuli


     Wang Xiuli(1963-), female, is incumbent director of the Information and Computing Science Department of CCIS of FAFU. She has successively presided over or participated in several scientific research and teaching reform projects of FAFU or Fujian Province. Her main courses are Basic Mathematics for Computer, Higher Algebra, Data Structure, Programming Methodology, Linear Algebra(graduate program ), Higher Mathematics and Introduction to Theory and Mathematical Statistics. Books such as Algorithms and Data Structures, Linear Algebra, Programming Methodology and Web Design and Production, etc. are all her published books. And there have been over twenty scientific research and academic papers, mainly studying basic theory of mathematical and computerized algorithm published, which forms series of academic article system. She has been honorer Outstanding Teachers, Pacesetter of Ethics and the first prize for Teaching Quality of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.


10.Professor Feng Dewang


     Feng Dewang (1968-), male, professor and D.E., graduated as a major of communication and information systems from College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, CUMT(China University of Mining and Technology). And he was mainly engaged in the research work in terms of electromagnetic compatibility. By now, he has nearly 20 papers been published in academic journal, such as Chinese Journey of Radio Science, Journal of China Coal Society and Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, etc. Among these 20 papers, there were 8 papers being retrieved by EI and having participated in several research projects. Those research projects are the State Natural Sciences Fund the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), Special Research Found for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, the Natural Science Found of Fujian Province and the Education Department of Fujian Province.


11.Professor Chen Chaoying


      Chen Chaoying (1958-), male, professor, doctorial and master supervisor, first graduated as a science master of mathematical biology major from Department of Mathematics, Jiangxi Normal University in 1989, and then graduated as an agronomy doctor of agricultural insect and pest control major from College of Plant Protection, FAFU(Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University) in 2004. Now, Prof. Chen is the director of  bioinformatics teaching and research section of CCIS(College of Computer and Science), FAFU, the member of first Fujian Institute of Mathematical Biology Council, the member of second Professional Committee of Grey System about Chinese Research Society of Optimization, Overall Planning Method and Economic Mathematics and is employed as a review expert by Journal of Economics. Since 1989, he has been working as a teacher in FAFU, mainly engaged in bio-mathematics, gray system theory and insect ecology research. By now, Prof. Chen has nearly 20 papers published in the authoritative journals and the provincial journals. Besides, Professor has presided over or participated in eight national and provincial scientific research projects, including currently presiding over one province natural fund research projects and participating in writing one textbook called Linear Algebra. 


12.Professor Liu Xiongen


      Professor Liu Xiongen is male and an instructor of masters. He graduated from Biological Department of Sun Yat-Sen University in 1983, and achieved his Master of Science degree in Graduate School of Sun Yat-Sen University in 1986. Undergraduate courses he teaches mainly include Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-oriented Programming, Programming Practice, and Program Development Foundation, etc. andhis postgraduate programs areBioinformatics Programming and Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics, etc. He has hosted and participated in a number of scientific research projects supported by provincial EducationDepartment and Science and Technology Agency and has successfully completed several projects and research such as University Computer Application Level Grade Examination System in Fujian Province and Cultivation Medium Ingredients Optimization of BacillusThuringiensis. In 2006, Liu studied Bioinformatics as a visiting scholar in Fudan University and his research field gradually transformed to Biological Information Computing. So far, he has published over ten academicpapers, two of which were included in SCI.

13.Professor Huang  Shiguo

Hung  Shiguo, male, is postdoctoral fellow, professor and master Instructor. He  graduated from Computer Software and Theory, Northwest  University and  now serves as visiting scholar of several universities and research institutes  such as The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Remote Sensing  Center of Japan (RESTEC), etc. His  research field covers Pattern Identification, Image Processing and Its  Application in Agriculture and Forestry. Huang has taken charge of 3 projects of  National and Provincial Natural Science Foundation, among which one is awarded  the Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress Award of Fujian Province  and one achieves the the Second Prize for Technological Invention Award of  Fujian Province.

14.Professor Wang Chang ying

       Wang Changying,male, doctor, professor and supervisor of postgraduates, graduated from Computer Software and Theory, Northwest University and achieved Doctor of Technical Science. During 2009 and 2010, he served as a visiting scholar of Department of Computer, University of Texas at Austin. The main undergraduatecourses he undertakes now areDigital Image Processing (Bilingual), Compiler Principles, Parallel Programming with MPI, Introduction to Computers, and Computer Professional English, etc. and the postgraduate courses are Modern Digital Image Processing(English) and An Introduction to Parallel Programming, etc. His research fields cover Image Processing and Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Intelligent Computing. So far, he has completed oneproject supported by National Natural Science Foundation, and taken charge of and taken part in several projects such as the 948 Project of State Bureau of Forestry and Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation, etc. Moreover, he has published more than 10 academic papers in domestic and foreign journals as the first author or the correspondence author, many of which wereincluded by the Engineering Index.

Contact information:


Tel: 0591-83754762 (Office)

Address: Room 501, Tian Jiabing Building(South Building),

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

15.Professor Wang Li Jin

       Wang Li Jin, male, postdoctor, and professor, now serves as a councilor of the Fujian Computer Federation and an executive councilor of Fujian Association for Artificial Intelligence. He graduated from Major of Forest Manager of School of Information Science and Technology of Beijing Forestry University in June, 2018 and achieved a doctoral degree. He was a visiting scholar of Machine Learning and Data Mining Lab., Shangdong University from September 2012 to May 2013. During September 2012 and May 2013, Postdoctor of School of Computer Science and Technology, Shangdong University. From December 2015 to December 2016, he acted as the visiting scholar of Big Data and Business Analytics Group, Wayne State University. His research fields cover Bionic Optimization Algorithm and Its Application and Machine Learning Application, etc. He has published a number of papers in academic papers in domestic and foreign journals such as Applied Soft Computing, Frontiers of Computer Science, Neural Processing Letters, Journal of Software and Journal of Computer Research and Development, etc. as well asinternational conferences such as the 7th and 9th International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management. Moreover, he has taken charge of and taken part in several projects of National Natural Science Foundation, Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation and Shandong Provincial Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

16.Professor Lian Hai feng

     Lian Haifeng, male, doctor, professor and supervisor of postgraduates, now serves as Secretary of Statistics, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. And he is engaged in the research of Theory of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras, and Data Mining and Its Application, etc. In 2009, he graduated from Xiamen University and achieved his degree of Doctor of Science. From March 2012 to September 2012, he was a visiting scholar of University of California, Santa Cruz, USA. So far, he has completed one project of National Natural Science Foundation, and oneproject of Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation and he is now taking charge of one project of National Natural Science Foundation. What is more, he has published 12 papers in authoritative journals at home and abroad, 6 of which are included by Science Citation Index. He has been awarded China Youth Five Four Medalof Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and Excellent Teacher of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, etc.


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