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Vice President Zheng Yushan Went to CCIS for Investigation and Research

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       In the morning of November 24th, 2017, Vice-President Zheng Yushan visited the College of Computer and Information Sciences to investigate and guide related work. The attendees were leadership of CCIS including Party Secretary Chen Yida, Dean Chen Riqing, Deputy Party Secretary Wu Pengcheng, Deputy Dean Zhong Yiwen, Wen Yongxian, Liu Jinfu, and Lin Yurui, as well as Director of each Department and other cadres.

      Dean Chen Riqing introduced the general situation of faculty team, discipline construction, research direction and construction of scientific research platform of CCIS. Besides, he indicated the difficulties in the development of college, and reported on the ideas of future development. Afterwards, Secretary Chen Yida reported the following key work of college, Other members of college leadership also made suggestions on issues such as teaching reform, discipline development, talent  introduction, scientific research project management, students’ academic atmosphere construction, and postgraduate cultivation.

     Vice president Zheng Yushan fully affirmed the work of the college. He said that CCIS had enjoyed a good momentum of development and in recent three years thanks to the establishment of a correct development idea. He also made a few suggestions for its following work: firstly, discipline construction need to be strengthened by the ways of fully integrating and optimizing resources to create, adhering to both education and development to strengthen faculty team building, and, strengthening external exchanges to train famous teachers.

     Secondly, talent cultivation should be paid attention to, especially  students’ ability in innovation and entrepreneurship by the full use of professional characteristics, to build college brand and improve the reputation of CCIS.
     Thirdly, comprehensively expanding the recruitment channels of good students was necessary to enhance the quality of postgraduate students by proactively introducing selection plans that are favorable to the talent’s emergence, and mobilizing the students’ motivation to apply for related programme at the maximum level.

      Fourthly, CCIS must grasp the principal responsibility for improving the party’s work style and building clean government and implement the regulation of a post with double responsibilities, and do a good job in clean governance and incorruptible teaching.




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