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The Communist Party of College of Computer and Information Sciences Held the Report on the Spirit of 19th National Congress of CPC

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In the morning of November 26th, 2017, CCIS held the report on the spirit of 19th National Congress of CPC at Room 413 of Tin Ka Ping Building. Doc.Lin Xianming, a member of School Publicity Group of 19th CPC National Congress Spirit and lecturer of College of Marxism, was invited to give a lecture titled ToOpen up a New Era with New Achievements and Lead New Journey with New Ideas. The attendees were Party members as well as cadres of college Communist Youth Leaguea and Students’ Union.

Doc. Lin Xianming firstly demonstrated the great achievements of China in the past five years and analyzed the transformation of the Socialist contradictions in our country. She also described the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the new era, put forward to blueprint of a new era with new ideas. Starting from the aspects of opening cooperation, technological innovation and green development, etc., Ms. Lin explained the 19th CPC National Congress Report at length from multiple levels and dimensions to help attendees profoundly understand the spirit of 19th National Congress of CPC. Moreover, she addressed her hope that the participants could thoroughly learn and understand the spirit, and then internalized it and practice it.

The 19th National Congress of CPC is a convention that made the whole nation remain true to original aspiration, keep mission firmly in mind, held the banner of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and forged ahead in unity. This report clarified the spirit of the 19th National Congress and led the young people in the college to integrate their thoughts and actions into the spirit conscientiously and bravely ride the waves of the time, aiming at gathering boundless wisdom and strength of youth for the construction of China and the development of CCIS.



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