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College of Computer and Information Sciences Actively Participated in 119 Fire Safety Publicity Day and Carried out Fire Drills

计算机学院en   Time: 2017-11-13  Author:  Visits: 46   

In order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety of faculty and students, as well as prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents,Fire Office of Department of Security, FAFU, conducted a series of activities in fire control publicity and education at school auditorium and Tuohuang Square in the evening of November 9th, 2017. CCIS actively mobilized its faculty and students to participate in the activity aiming at improving their capacity of emergency self-help.

Firstly, the video Flame Escape was played, showing the attendees how to correctly escape from the fire in KTV to inspire them. Afterwards, Mr. Lin Fen made a safety seminar entitled Pay Attention to the Fire and Safety of You and Me. He took the real cases around us to explain how to deal with the fire cases in dormitory, and required students to pay attention to the safety of dormitory, unplug the unused electrical plugs and prevent themselves from using high-power electrical appliances.

After the lecture, a evacuation drill for teachers and students at the scene was organized. All the attendees intensely and orderly fled away from fire under the command of related staff after the smoke bombs was released. Subsequently, under the organization of the Fire Department, the College of Computer and Information Sciences, College of Forestry and College of Plant Protection jointly conducted a fire extinction drill at Tuohuang Square. Deng Dongping firstly told students the usage scenario of fire extinguishers and its operation steps, and then demonstrated the proper use of fire extinguishers. Finally, student representatives experienced it themselves.

This 119 Fire Safety Publicity Day enhanced students’ awareness of fire safety and their self and mutual aid ability to cope with the fire emergency, and provided related practical experience for the maintenance of campus safety.



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