On September, 2000, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University was founded out of the merger of former Fujian Agriculture University and former Fujian Forestry College. On May, 2001, Department of Computer and Science of former Fujian Forestry College, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Major of Department of Basic Sciences of former Fujian Forestry College, and the Teaching and Research Office of Computer Foundation and Public Mathematics of Department of Basic Courses of former Fujian Agriculture University, merged to form today’s College of Computer and Information Sciences (hereinafter “CCIS”). Department of Computer and Science of former Fujian Forestry University was established in 1995, the predecessor of which, set up in 1993, was the Computer Application Major of Department of Forest Engineering of Fujian Forestry College. And the predecessor of the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Major, set up in 1993, was the Math Education Major of Department of Basic Courses of Fujian Forestry College.

At present, CCIS has two first discipline master degree program (Computer Science and Technology as well as Statistics, and 7 full-time undergraduate programs (Computer Science and Technology, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Information Engineering, Information and Computing Science, Soft Engineering, Network Information Engineering and Statistics). It has formed a relatively comprehensive cultivation system for talented undergraduates in field of Computer and Information as well as Mathematics. Currently, CCIS possesses a total enrollment of 2120 undergraduates and 27 academic postgraduates.

CCIS owns abundant qualified teaching resource. The current total number of faculty is 180 and 144 of them are full-time teachers including 14 professors, 42 associate professors and 1 senior engineers. 86.8% of the full-time teachers have achieved a doctor’s degree or master’s degree. Additionally, there are 2 members of  Fujian provincial “Hundred-Talent Program”, 4 chair professors of “Minjiang Scholar”, 2 chair professors of “Jinshan Scholar”. Moreover, several teachers have been honored as Provincial Talent, Provincial New Century Excellent Talent of Colleges and Universities, and Provincial Excellent Teachers.

Focusing on deepening the teaching reform and taking the opportunity of innovative development of Engineering and the construction of high-level universities, CCIS implements the sort mode and multi-competence model of talent cultivation to  continuously promote the talents training quality. Since 2012, CCIS has won 1 Second Prize for Teaching Achievements in Fujian Province, and respectively 1 Special Prize, 3 First Prizes, and 8 Second Prizes for school-level Teaching Achievements. It has taken charge of 7 provincial and 54 school-level Teaching Reform Programs, and 1 provincial Elaborate Open Online Course and published 15 textbooks at national press. Besides, 2 teachers have got the Second Prize in National College Mathematics Micro-teaching Competition.

CCIS possesses the bureau-school cooperation platform, Fujian Resources and Environment Spatial Information Statistics Research Center and 9 school-level scientific research platforms, including the Smart FAFU & Big Data Research Center and the Research Institute of Computer Application, etc. Since 2011, it has directed 14 projects of NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China), 24 programs of  provincial Natural Science Foundation, 4 provincial and ministerial level key scientific research projects, and 43 provincial education and scientific research projects for young and middle-aged teachers. The received longitudinal research funds adds up to more than 12 million yuan. Besides, faculty of CCIS has published 35 academic papers on SCI and 23 on EI, among which 8 are included in the top journals and high-level journals on SCI.  

CCIS pays attention to the cultivation of students’ innovative ability, hands-on ability, team spirit and comprehensive quality. The College Students Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center was specially set up to provide all-round services such as the funds, place, equipment, instructors, and training that are necessary for students’ science and technology innovation. Since 2012, students have achieved good results in numerous professional competitions at home and abroad, including 1 Silver Prize and 3 Bronze Prize in ACM Collegiate Programming Contest (Asia Region), 6 First Prize and 9 Second Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 7 First Prize and 11 second Prizes in the Final of “Lan Qiao Cup” National Software Professional Talents Design and Entrepreneurship Contest, 1 Silver Prize in China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition in 2014, 1 Bronze Prize in the First China “Internet+” College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and 3 Gold Prize, 9 Silver Prize, and 11 Bronze prize in Fujian Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest, etc. Furthermore, CCIS has successively held the Fifth Fujian Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest in 2014 and the Fifth Cross-Strait Information Innovation Contest & Ninth Fujian Provincial Computer Software Design Competition in 2015.

Moreover, CCIS has been actively carrying out domestic and international academic cooperation and exchanges. It has conducted cooperation in running school with several foreign universities and colleges such as Dalhousie University (Canada), Otterbein University (the U.S.A), Durban University of Technology (South Africa), and Aberystwyth University (Britain), etc. The steady progress of academic exchanges and the internationalization of education has offered advanced conditions for the cooperative researches and communications between teachers and students and their studying abroad. Major of Computer Science and Technology as well as Major of Software Engineering have been listed into the Outstanding Undergraduates’ International Exchange Program of China Scholarship Council (CSC), and teachers and students of the two majors can receive the fund to study abroad.

Since its founding, CCIS has fostered more than 7900 graduates. The initial employment rate of the college’s graduates has surpassed 95% for these continuous years. The number of graduates getting admitted into “985 Project” and “211 Project” universities for further learning increases every year. The college enjoys a high employment rate for graduates with matched major and good employment quality.

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