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Professor Suren Singh of DUT visited FAFU to discuss about cooperation

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On June 23rd, invited by FAFU, professor Suren Singh, the Director of College of Applied Science of DUT and his collegue professor Kugenthiren Permaul, and Professor Wang Zhengxiang of Tianjing Science and Technology University who is also a part-time graduate students’ Tutor of DUT, visited FAFU to discuss about cooperation.

The vice president Wang Zonghua met with the guests. The two sides exchanged their views about how to further carry out the scientific and technological cooperation between the two universities. Wang Zonghua said that, FAFU and DUT have already built a good cooperative foundation, carried out fruitful cooperation in many fields and had a broad prospect for further cooperation; the two universities should continue to develop their respective characteristics of research, complement each other with their advantages, and expand the scientific research cooperation in the fields of life sciences, food science and so on; DUT had a good research foundation in aspects of microbial resources development and utilization, development and application of enzyme preparation and so on; the College of Life Science and College of Food Science should combine their research directions, actively expand the cooperative modes, jointly set up the scientific research teams with related professors of DUT, jointly applied the National Natural Science Foundation of China and so on, and further implement the cooperative agreements signed by the two universities. Professor Suren Singh said that he totally agreed with the suggestions of Wang Zonghua,and had given some advices about the details of cooperation.

In the meeting, the two sides also discussed about the jointly construction of an International College in Canada by FAFU, DUT and MSVU. Wang Zonghua reported the previous discussion with MSVU about the preparation work for the construction. The two sides had also exchanged their views again about the details of preparation work such as the curriculum setting and the method of recruitment and so on.

It is known that, in the morning of June 23rd, Professor Suren Singh, Professor Kugenthiren Permaul and Professor Wang Zhengxiang were also invited to give each an academic report for the teachers and students of FAFU. They used vivid legends and detailed explications to present the newest research trends of College of Applied Science of DUT, their research progresses in enzymic preparations and biological catalysis and the joint-research achievements with their Chinese counterparts, which had received favourable comments from all the teachers and students on the spot.

Correspondant/Photogragher: Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Chen Lan

Translator: Zheng Wei

Auditor: College of Crop Science   Lu Yunhai



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