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56 FAFU’s students of Sino-Canadian cooperation program would go to Canada to study abroad

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This year, a total of 56 FAFU’s students of Grade 2013 of Sino-Canadian cooperation program have respectively obtained their invitation letter from the cooperative universities, such as Dalhousie University, UBC, and Mount Saint Vincent University. They would go to Canada in july to study abroad and accomplish their subsequent studies.

A farewell forum was held on 14th June. The vice president Huang Yanhe has attended the forum and made a speech for the students. The relative persons in charge of Overseas Education College and the 56 students of the Sino-Canadian cooperation program and their parents have attended the forum.

Huang Yanhe fully affirmed the achievements of the Sino-Canadian cooperation program in running-school, affirmed the good achievements of this batch of the students during the last two years at FAFU, and put forward the high expectation to the students: firstly, he hoped that the students would always have the motherland in their heart and combine their personal destiny with the national destiny, study hard, learn maximum of the modern sciences and technologies, become the internationalized talents who “understand their major, speak well English and master the world’s rules”, and establish a good base for realizing the “Chinese dream” of great renaissance of the nation as well as the personal dream of becoming a talent; secondly, he hoped that the students would combine their personal talents with the advanced thinking mode; study hard and draw lesions from the foreign advanced thinking mode, develop the Chinese traditional excellent culture, integrate the eastern and western concepts, make themselves to become a comprehensively and harmoniously developed modern civilized person; thirdly, he hoped that the students would respect the local laws, customs and life styles after being abroad, communicate with the local students frequently, go out of the “Chinese circle”, actively integrate and adapt to local customs, climate conditions and life habits as soon as possible; and that the students should learn to be good in introducing Chinese culture to foreign people, telling Chinese stories, letting Canadian people to know and accept China, and becoming a friendship messenger of intercultural communication; fourthly, he hoped that the students would be self-confident, neither humble nor pushy, self-respectif, cautious in speech and conduct, set up a good corporate image of FAFU, show the spirit of the Chinese youths and protect the Chinese national dignity.

It is known that, for the two “2+2” undergraduate cooperation programs of Horticulture and Agricultural Resource and Environment between FAFU and Dalhousie University in Canada, one “3+2” undergraduate cooperation program of Ecology between FAFU and UBC, the dual-campus training mode were adopted. This year, a total of 56 students of the cooperation programs will be sent to Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University and UBC to study abroad. Since the beginning of the Sino-Canadian Cooperation Program in 2003, a total of 1147 students have been recruited and cultivated and 477 students have been sent to study abroad.

Correspondant/Photogragher: Overseas Education College   Zhang Zhixin

Translator: Zheng Wei

Auditor: College of Crop Science   Lu Yunhai



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