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The Witness in South Africa Reported FAFU-DUT CI

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On May 26th, South African Local time, the famous newspaper in South Africa The witness published a report about Bongani Khanyile, a student of DUT who had offered a Confucius’ Painting portrait drew by himself to Durban Confucius Institute of FAFU and would attend, by invitation, the African students’ summer camp held in Shanghai. Bongani Khanyile was interviewed and reported by the reporter ESTELLE SINKINS; The report also introduced in detail the purpose, function and main effect of Durban Confucius Institute of FAFU.



It is known that Bongani Khanyile, a student of Department of Art of College of Art and Design of DUT, made a special trip to come to the Confucius Institute jointly built by FAFU and DUT to offer a Confucius’s Painting portrait freshly drew by himself on May 21st. The journalist of one of the African Local Medias The Witness has exclusively interviewed the Chinese Director of Durban Confucius Institute of FAFU Fu Chaobo on the same day.

The witness, issued since 1864, is the oldest newspaper in South Africa. The headquarters of this newspaper is located in the Zulu NaDaEr Province of South Africa. It is the most famous daily newspaper and has a great influence in South Africa especially in inland areas across the Zulu NaDaEr Province, the provincial capital city Pietermaritzburg, Durban, and in southern and eastern areas of South Africa. The publication of the report had a positive role in improving the public awareness of Durban Confucius Institute of FAFU, and diffusing the Chinese language and culture.


Correspondant: Office of International Cooperation and Exchange    Chen Yao 

Translator:       Zheng Wei

Auditor:          College of Crop Science  Lu Yunhai



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