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Student of DUT Offers Painting Portrait of Confucius to CI of FAFU

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On May 21st, Bongani Innocent Khanyile, a student of Department of Art of College of Art and Design of DUT, made a special trip to come to the Confucius Institute jointly built by FAFU and DUT to offer a Confucius’s Painting portrait freshly drew by himself.


The Confucius’s Painting portrait had 100 cm Length and 68 cm width, and the central image size was 65 cm x 50cm. In the painting, Confucius wearing a square, dressed in Chinese ancient traditional clothing, with two hands folded on his chest, and had a full forehead, with a smile on his face which looked charity and full of wisdom.

This painting was very vivid, and fully embodied the understanding of Chinese culture by a South Africa undergraduate student, who was born and grew up in Africa, and reflected a common African student’s welcome and love to the Confucius Institute and Chinese language and culture. Durban Confucius Institute framed the Painting portrait and put it in their office as one of the symbol of the Confucius Institute for visitors’ admiration.

It is known that Bongani Innocent Khanyile is a student of Chinese studying class of Confucius Institute of Durban, he is the senior student of Department of Art of DUT, also a very talented young artist in South African ; his art works are comprehensive, which covering the sketch, oil painting, and helmet etc. The artist is highly imaginative; his works present African art characteristics. Since March 2014, Bongani Innocent Khanyile held personal art exhibition in art exhibition hall of Durban city office, which has attracted a lot of Durban citizens and the local medias of South Africa.

It is also reported that, Bongani Innocent Khanyile will make a special trip to come to FAFU in June this year, for exchanging with the teachers and students of College of Arts and College of Landscape Architecture of FAFU, and jointly organizing an exhibition of art works of teachers and students of two universities.


Correspondant/Photogragher: The Confucius Institute  Fu Chaobo 

Translator:       Zheng Wei

Auditor:          College of Crop Science  Lu Yunhai



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