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A Symposium was Held between Principal & Head Teacher and Students

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February 19th, Principal Lan Siren convened a class meeting with the students from 2011 Landscape Professional Class 2 in Wuyi office, Mingde building. As a head teacher, Principal Lan Siren thought this semester as an key stage in students’ professional learning and life growth. Then he made an in-depth exchanges about the confusion encountered during the learning and self-growth with the students, playing an important role in well-chosen of the development direction and reasonable arrangement of goal of the struggle.


This class meeting lasted two hours and was divided into three agendas, which was so rich in content and lively in atmosphere that was really thought-provoking. The first agenda was an speech for the present students delivered by Principal Lan with the subject of Overview of the South African landscape, during which he shared what he saw and heard in his expedition in South Africa, introduced the history, geography cultural knowledge and represented about the style of the South African landscape and cultural heritage combining the expertise in the narration. Also, he interspersed some interesting things occurring during his visit in the speech. The second was a report given by the student Chi Mengwei about the students’ learning and the construction of the class, part of which involved some situation of the students who went to Taiwan for exchange. Principals Lan made a comment on the content of this report, meanwhile, he further explained some of the attractions of their culture connotation, which had been visited by our exchange students in Taiwan. He also inspired everyone to maintain a good momentum of learning, insisting that students majoying in landscape architecture could deepen the understanding of this professional by visiting the concrete landscape. At last was question time. Students could ask any questions confusing them. In terms of the questions about goal of the struggle, Principal Lan stressed that the process of struggle and perseverance was especially important despite the uncertainty of the future. When answering this question, Principal Lan made students well understood through the litter story Bridge of Qinghe, which not only animate the atmosphere, but allow students to gain a deep philosophical enlightenment in a relaxed atmosphere.

What was particularly worth mentioning was that during this meeting, students found that Principal Lan Siren had a habit of keeping writing diary everyday since 1979, about which he shared the fun of writing diary with pleasure with students. Besides surprise, the students showed their willingness to learn this good habit. Principal Lan Siren emphasized the importance of persistence. More than the diary, he said, everything would be fruitful only adhere to, which is why he inculcated   everyone in the class that ‘the difficult thing could be done if starting from the easy, the great thing could be realized if beginning from the detail.’


Not only did Principal Lan guide the students with the professional knowledge, but also inspire the students to know how to understand living, to understand life in this meeting. His vast knowledge, character of perseverance and bright personality make himself not just the image of one head teacher, but a spiritual advisor in the students’ mind.


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