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International Symposium on Food Safety and Quality

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IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria, 10 – 13 November 2014

We are happy to report that the above symposium will take place at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria from 10 – 13 November 2014. The formal announcement, call for papers, participation form, grant application form and more detailed information on the symposium are now available at the following dedicated web-link, which will be up-dated regularly:

The symposium will include a wide range of topics involving nuclear techniques in food and agriculture; not only food irradiation but also analytical technologies for food authentication, traceability and contaminant control. Related issues such as climate change, emerging opportunities and threats to the integrity of the food supply and potential control techniques will be covered, as will issues such as chemometrics and guidelines for consumer protection and international trade.


The symposium will:


- Bring together experts in the field to present contemporary and novel applications, identify gaps and discuss future perspectives and opportunities;

- Provide a forum for interdisciplinary networking between professionals from different backgrounds, including industry, national institutes, academia, and public and private bodies;

- Facilitate a broad understanding of the topics involved; and

- Promote peaceful applications of nuclear technologies.

We extend our warm invitation to scientists, laboratory analysts, policymakers, regulators, food producers and others concerned with food safety and quality as well as with the integrity of the food supply chain, who are all welcomed to participate in the symposium.


Facilities will be available for commercial vendors’ displays/exhibits during the symposium and interested parties should register their interest by sending an email to the following:



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