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Dean Positions at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

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Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) is a leading higher education institution with multiple disciplines, especially the strength in agriculture and forestry sciences, in Fujian Province, jointly supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Provincial Government. It is also one of the higher education institutions with Chinese Government Scholarship Programs to sponsor international students. The school history can be traced back to Agricultural Department of Fukien Christian College founded in 1936 and Fujian Provincial Agriculture College founded in 1940. With four campuses of over 300 hectares, the main campus is located in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province. Currently the university has 23 colleges, 8 post-doctoral research centers, 52 PhD programs, 103 master's programs, 7 professional master's programs including MBA and MPA, and 72 undergraduate majors. There are 68innovation platforms of science and technology at national, ministry and provincial levels. The university is committed to excellence in education and research and plays a key role in a range of interdisciplinary initiatives. Further information about the university can be found at

Under the initiative of “the Twelfth-Five-Year Plan”, the development of human resources is a top priority for the university and we are seeking applications for the dean positions in five colleges. Qualified candidates (in China or abroad) with a Ph.D. degree and a track record of research and teaching excellence are encouraged to apply.

   Ⅰ Positions

    1. Dean of the College of Life Science (CLS)

(CLS website:

    2. Dean of the College of Animal Science (CAS)

(CAS website:

    3. Dean of the College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (CMEE)

(CMEE website:

    4. Dean of the College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS)

(CCIS website:

    5. Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHSS)

(CHSS website:

    Ⅱ Responsibilities

    1. Being responsible for the overall administrative work for the college. Organizing and making strategies for development of the college while also guiding the development of the college in a scientific way and enhancing the college's overall capacity building.

    2. Being in charge of introducing talented personnel while cultivating present middle-aged and young talented personnel, organizing a team of high-level faculty and improving the team construction.

    3. Being responsible for discipline development, strengthening team-building spirit and building the college's scientific research platform while also making breakthroughs in discipline construction.

    4. Being responsible for developing teaching quality and regulating teaching management. Should also promote teaching effectiveness and make breakthroughs in the development of human resources.

    5. Being responsible for service work of scientific research in society, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; and making breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation.

    Ⅲ Criteria and Eligibility

    1. Should be familiar with higher education laws and higher education at home and abroad. Applicant should also possess a good personal quality as well as devotion, creativity and team leadership skills.

    2. Have leadership experiences and advanced education philosophy. Also need to have good coordination and administrative management skills as well as a good knowledge of university education and scientific research.

    3. Have international academic vision, working experiences in teaching and research of related subjects of the college andexcellent academic performance and a nationally or internationally recognized research program in his or her own field.

    4. Domestic applicants should hold a PhD degree and a senior professional or technical position; applicants from abroad should hold an overseas PhD degree and an equivalent position of tenure-track assistant professor or above. For those honored as excellent personnel at the national and provincial levels, including candidates of “China Thousand Personnel Project”, Distinguished Professors of “Changjiang Scholars Program”, winners of “National Science Foundation Award for Outstanding Youth”, candidates of “Entrepreneurship and Innovative Talents in Fujian Province” and “Leading Talents in Fujian Province” etc. Priority is given for an interview.

    5.Should be in good health, normally under the age of 50. However if an applicant has much-needed and outstanding talents and is above the age of 50, exception can be made.

    Ⅳ Salaries and Benefits

    1. A salary of 0.2-1 million RMB under an annual salary system, depending on the qualification of candidates and under mutual consultation.

    2. A settling down and housing allowance of 0.3-1 million RMB.

    3. Provided with working assistants.

    4. If necessary, facility construction fees of 1 to 10 million RMB are provided.

    5. For those qualified for Fujian much-needed talents, related economic benefits are provided. During work at FAFU, for those qualified for scientific research awards stipulated by FAFU, the award benefits are granted.

    Ⅴ Appointment and Duration

    1. Appointment: full-time appointment in principle; dual employment can be used for overseas high-level talents who shall work at FAFU at least 6 months per year.

    2. Duration: initial appointment is for 5 years in which the first year is the probationary period. Only after a positive evaluation of the probationary period will official appointment be offered. After tenure expires, the reappointment shall be made in accordance with the working performance.

    Ⅵ Application

    Open recruitment sticks to the process of individual application, qualification inspection, interview, organization investigation and appointment. Applicants should only apply for one position, except for those involved in interdisciplinary work across multiple colleges, who may apply for more than one position. Interested applicants can contact us and fill an application form, namely, “FAFU Application Form for Openly-Recruited Deans” (at, and submit the materials as follows:

    1. “FAFU Application Form for Openly-Recruited Deans” and Personal Profile (with personal signature and confirmation of the authenticity of personal information), a copy of ID card (or passport), university degree, and certificate of professional or administrative title (bringing all original ones at interview).

    2. An introduction of accomplished research projects, published articles, books and so on.

    3. Certificates of awarded honors identifying personal academic achievements.

    4. A contact list of at least 3 references who are familiar with the candidate's qualification.For those eligible to participate in interview, a competition report mainly including personal advantages for the position, future work task and goal, and working plans etc should be submitted.

    Ⅶ Application Deadline and Contact Information

    Deadline:31 July, 2012, open until the positions filled

    Address: Division of Organization Administration, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

15 Shangxiadian Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, 350002, Fujian Province

   Contact Person: Mr Huang Wei-You ;

   Tel: 86-591-88203498    Fax: 86-591-83789437



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