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Cooperation with Agriculture and Environment Affair Office of Quanah in South Africa

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On March 6th, with the invitation from agricultural and environmental affairs office of Kwazulu - Natal province,South Africa, President Lan Siren visited the headquarters of agriculture and Environmental Affairs Office of Kwazulu - Natal province in South Africa, Peter Murray. During the visit, President Lan Siren reviewed the base of cooperation on the JUNCAO project and soil and fertilizer and Analysis Center between Natal province’s agriculture and environmental affairs and FAFU, and visited the laboratory of the center of plant essential oil extraction as well.


During the interlocution, two parties reviewed the friendly contacts between FAFU and the Department of Agriculture in recent years, and bilateral cooperation in the JUNCAO project, and had a discussion on the terms of the memorandum between FAFU and the South African Agriculture Department of Kwazulu Natal Province. Finally, both sides reached an agreement on continuing to launch new projects on the basis of the existing cooperation, such as in the field of plant essential oil extraction, processing and tea planting.


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