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Dong Xing Security Limited by Share Ltd give donation to our university

 Time: 2014-07-22  Author:   

    In the afternoon of June 10, the signing ceremony called “Dong Xing security company donated FuZhou University and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU)” that organized by provincial financial office, Dong Xing Security Limited by Share Ltd and relative universities was held in Fuzhou Zhidi Square. The vice provincial government secretary general Zhang Jinzhu, provincial grant centre of education department director Zhang Chunsheng, Dong Xing security co., ltd vice secretary of the party committee and general manager Wei Qinghua and some leaders of the two universities had attended the signing ceremony. The vice principal Huang Yifan signed the protocol as a delegate of our university.



    Huang Yifan appreciated the educational support of the Dong Xing security co., ltd sincerely and indicated that FAFU would carry out the protocol thoroughly. Distribute the contribution rationally and try to make the most use of the fund. We hope strengthen the cooperation with Dong Xing security company, form a close relationship and pass on the warmth and love immortally.

    The Dong Xing security co., ltd had set up 500,000 RMB security grants this time, dividing them into two sections: scholarships for poor students and work study grants, to reward those excellent students in both characters and learning but live poor lives, and help them finish studies smoothly. The company would also accept students’ internship and enroll those excellent graduates.

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