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Fafu Exibition Hall of 6•18 sets up projects showcase for Taiwan schoolfellows

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    Our college is the only one which sets up independent exhibition of 618. The Exibition Hall provides the project demonstration zone for schoolfellows from Taiwan, and has received a large number of Taiwan's alumni innovative entrepreneurial project applications for taking part in exibition, which mainly involves in the following seven aspects: (1)The technollogies of seed-introducing and breeding of Taiwan Antrodia camphorata, the artificial Antrodia camphorata breeding technology and thetechnology of developing a series of relevent products; (2) the technology of introducing, breeding, cultivating and developing of aloes; (3) the technology of seed-introducing and breeding of Jaboticaba; (4) the technology of Taiwan agricultural products’deep processing and its products; (5) plant incubator, plant breeding source and spectroscopic techniques; (6) the technology of transfering agricultural production wastes into organic fertilizer and the production facilities; (7) the applications of advanced technologies in facial mask area and other daily necessities.



    The practice of setting up projects showcase for Taiwan schoolfellows, not only satisfies our Taiwan alumni to give them an opportunity to promote and display their innovative entrepreneurial projects, but also is a essencial pratice for The strait incubation center to strengthen the communication with Fujian and Taiwan, introducing advanced technologies and new products from Taiwan. On December 19th, 2013, when the vice chairman Yan Juanqi met our schoolfellows Taiwan, he said of the standing committee of the National People's Congress said the older generation of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University had made the biggest contribution, doing what they could do in that historical period for Taiwan agriculture, and this generation also should devote their efforts, to hand in a prfect answer to this history questionnaire. He also promised to Taiwan schoolfellows to provide showing stage for their participation on Chinese channel project results trade fair.

The history of students studing in Fafu can dates back to 1940. Because the school is located in a village named Huangli in Yongan, the headmaster was referred as the "almanac alumni" at that time. The total number of alumni in seven generations reaches to 370, and more than 120 schoolfellows work in Taiwan, who make outstanding contributions to Taiwan's agricultural development and the progress of the advanced agricultural education, including Wan Xiong alumni, the former director of Taiwan Agricultural Laboratory,and Gong Gushen alumni, the sixth chancellor of Taiwan Chung Hsing university and the former director of Taiwan Plant Protection Center and also Qiu Renzhang alumni, the fomer professor of plant pathology departmen in Taiwan Chung Hsing university, who is twice seleted as president of the Chinese Plant Protection association in Taiwan.


    Serving as the only college in Chinese mainland which admits Taiwan students with adult education diploma, Fujian Agriculture and forestry university has aqquired the permission and took the lead to admit adult students among members in Taiwan agricultural industry association in the year of 2006. Up to now, Fujian Agriculture and forestry university has admitted eight generations, whose total number is 167 students. Zhouzhang Detang alumni devotes himself in the Scientific and technological cooperation and exchange, and takes in the Antrodia cinnamomea, a precious species from Taiwan, to Baisha scientificresearchbase in Fujian Agriculture and forestry university successfully by applying the cutting propagation technology. And he also developed the relevant series products of antrodia. Zhang Jianqing introduced the concept of advanced technologies of the High Point Limited Company to the mainland, providing new ideas and techniques to the development of technology of agricultural facilities in the mainland. Chen Zhengchang alumni gethered the elite force of science and technology research team from the Taiwan Aloes Academy, Chinese health industry development association and the Chinese friendly city communication society, to breed the Jaboticaba (grape), and now, high-value industrial chain, which takesthe Jaboticabaastheprincipalthing, is gradually forming

Both sides of Taiwan and Fujian belong to one family, between which exists the constantly cutting flesh and blood. The old and the new generations in Taiwan all make great efforts to push the implementation of the cooperation between the two sides, to provide safely and ecologically agricultural food to benefit the people living in both sides.

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