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The meeting of science cooperation across the Taiwan straits was held in FAFU

 Time: 2014-07-22  Author:   

    In recent days, the meeting of science cooperation across the Taiwan straits was held in the conference room of the strait incubation center.

    This meeting is one of the activities in the 12th 618 strait project result fair. Experts in Fujian Agriculture And Forestry Universitywell-known entrepreneurs in Fujian provinceTaiwan scholar and business people got together. Meanwhile, they talked about the artificial breeding technology of cattle camphor in Taiwan, the technology of researching on antrodia’s efficacy and the application and development of products, the method to identifying the aggregate species of cattle camphor in Taiwan, the technology about how to make use of LED light source in agricultural science and the development of plant factories’ facilities, lastly, the new frontier research of plant spectroscopy and photoelectric technology of agricultural facilities. Through this butt-joint, our school had cooperation intention and signed cooperation agreements with Taiwan sea bothe co., LTD., Taiwan good kang technology co., LTD.

    Taiwan cattle camphors identification technology, artificial breeding technology and antrodia development technology will be started soon. The equipments in plant factory are undertaken and sped up the application promotion by the development corporation of science and technology in our school. The application of the LED light source in agricultural science and the technology development of facilities in plant factory will ascend.


    The vice President YiFan Huang mentioned in the meeting that there are just 50 days before the opening of the 12th 618 strait project result fair. Our project docking activities are in place. There are not only introductions of advanced technology products from Taiwan but also school personnel technology advantages to promote Taiwan alumni enterprise product cooperation. Overall, this is a very successful meeting.

    The invited Taiwan scholar and entrepreneurs come from Sun yat-sen university in Taiwan, Taiwan's Chinese culture university, Taipei botanical garden, fu lian horticulture co., LTD., Taiwan sea bothe co., LTD., Taiwan good kang technology co., LTD. The leaders in Provincial committee, the provincial association for science and technology, provincial department of agriculture, provincial forestry department of science and technology and popularization, to Taiwan exchange departments,the students and teachers in the school exterior communication division, strait incubation centers, science and technology development corporation, mechanical and electrical institute, college of horticulture, forestry college and some related famous enterprises in Fujian province attended this meeting.


     Camphor tree endemic to Taiwan native tree species, the wood has aroma, and the aroma lasting do not come loose, is an excellent senior timber and carving wood.

    The antrodia, which is only growing in cattle camphor tree , is characteristic of the fungi in Taiwan, has anti-cancer effect and so on, protect liver, was known as the "God Ganoderma lucidum” in Hong Kong and Macao, Taiwan folk call it "ruby in the forest”. Through this cooperation with fu lian horticulture co., LTD and Taiwan good kang technology co., LTD, we successfully introduced high quality cattle camphor provenance and advanced technology to identify the antrodia. Allowing the sharing of new products on both sides of the Taiwan straits and promoting camphor tree and series products of healthy and rapid development.

    Taiwan sea bothe co., LTD is a famous old trade integration enterprise in the instrument in Taiwan. It put forward the concept of plant factory and made certain improvements in researching and developing facilities and equipment in plant factory ,its product sales well in Taiwan, Europe and other places. The company had new breakthrough for the LED light source being applied to the research on the agricultural science and technology. The LED light source household plants factory equipment produced by it is suitable for the southern family. They have the function to decorate household, produce green plants and negative oxygen ion to pure the air.professor dean Xu Yong, who is introduced by Fujian agriculture and forestry university from overseas, has deep attainments in the field of plant spectroscopy and photoelectric technology research of agricultural facilities. He will play the advantages of technology research to promote further in-depth study on the concept of plant factory, facilities in gardening and the forest tree seedlings breeding applicationwith the combining with Taiwan sea bothe co., LTD.,

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