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Fujian Agricultrue and Forestry University Fuzhou alumni association was established in Fuzhou

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    In the morning of 2014.5.17, the founding conference of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University alumni assosiation in Fuzhou was held in an academic hall of Xiqiang building. The vice-chairman of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University alumni association, and vice-president Huang Yifan attended this meeting. Nearly 200 alumni in Fuzhou attended as well.

    The constitution of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Fuzhou alumni assosiation and the list of executive directors were deliberated and approved in this conference .Wang Yueren was elected as the chairman of Fuzhou alumni association, Wu Haiqin, Zhang Jiaqing, Zhang Hutou, Chen Jinfu, Chen Jiazhao, Lin Tao, Lin Hui, Huang Senkun, Fu Fenfang and Pan Hui all took the position of vice-chairman, and Zhen Xian was the secretary.

    During the conferenceHuang Yifan, on behalf of the school and the alumni assosiation, showed warm congratulations on the establishment of Fuzhou alumni assosiation. ‘Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University is one of the three high-level universities which are the key construction projects in Fujian. It was built together by The Ministry of Agriculture , State Forestry Administration and provincial government. Having been set up for 78 years , it fosters more than 160 hundred students.’ said Huang Yifan. Fuzhou, as the place where the school is locatedis the most concentrated place of alumni. The establishment of Fuzhou alumni assosiation is really a big and happy event. He hopes that the alumni assosiation can do more in uniting the alumni and seek common development, meanwhile, pay more attention and care to the old school. The alumni should also play a greater role in the historical stage of the construction of high-level alma mater to expand the room for education.


    The new chairman Wang Yueren indicated that he would live up to the high expectations and great trusts from the alumni, develope Fuzhou alumni assosiation into a all-around platform combined with open, connection and service, work on platforms for public welfare charities as well as employment assistance. Besides, he would give full play to the advantages of more than 20 thousand alumni in Fuzhou to make contributions both for the development of old schools and the mutual improvement of the alumni.


    Some alumni representatives such as Xie Zaizhong, Zheng Qingchang and so on also delivered passionate speeches.

    The newly elected chairman and the vice-chairman are both alumni who are enthusiastic in alumni work and charity work. Among those alumni, 90 percent of them are entrepreneurs, which provide a perfect foundation for the development of future student work and public welfare undertakings .It is reported that Wang Shouren donated 500 hundred to alumni assosiation non-profitable foundations for the first period. It is also worth paying attention that three chairmen of Sunner group , Yongliyuan company , Tea Network, Fu Fenfang , Zhang Hutou and Huang Senkun were all graduated after 2000. Many young alumni have already made extraordinary achievements in different fields, and been active in alumni work.

    At present, the alumni assosiation have opened its public Wechat number ‘fafu edu’ and initially set up the data base of Fuzhou alumni assosiation to work out the way alumni get in touch with each other as well as establish a platform for mutual communication and assistance.

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