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The 64th graduates in Fujian pre-forestry college reunion at FAFU after 50 years’ graduation

 Time: 2014-07-22  Author:   

    In the 2014.4.11, the 64th graduates in Fujian pre-forestry college (nearly 150 people) came back FAFU to hold the 50th anniversary since they had graduated.

    In the morning, the schoolfellows get together at the multimedia room to held a symposium .Wang Zonghua, alumni association and some college leaders attended and presented a commemorative vase to alma mater. In the symposium, the schoolfellows expressed their gratitude to the school and recalled the past memory about the relationship among teachers and classmates. Wang Zonghua represents FAFU and all the staff to show the warmly welcome back.

    We appreciated our schoolfellows who are engaged in different careers and made arduous efforts to national constructions and developments in last 50 years. At the same time, we introduced them some latest information about FAFU and wished a success to their anniversary. After the

symposium, the schoolfellows took a visit of the university and presented a basket of flowers to the bronze statue of Dean Yan Jiaxian.

    In the next day, the schoolfellows visited NanPing campus and held commemorative activities there. They had a forum at TuTi classroom and the alumni association and NanPing management committee leaders attended. Most of the schoolfellows indicated that the study lives in NanPing had left them so many precious and unforgettable memories, and with alma mater’ cultivation, they know the way to be an useful person in the society and the importance of strive to live. After the forum, the schoolfellows planted 5 commemorative trees that stand for the 50-year-deep relationship in the campus and built a monument named ‘Si Nian’.

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