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FAFU PhD student Wang Mo published his research achievements in《Journal of Hydrology》
The 2016 International Symposium on Honey Bees and Health was Held at FAFU
Center for Genomics and Biotechnology of HIST published a review paper on Pineapple Genome Research in《Trends in Genetics》
Dr. Wang Lingxia Published Her Research Paper in the International Authoritative Journal《Plant, Cell & Environment》
Horticultural Plant Biology and Metabolomics Center of Haixia Institute of Science and Technology Published an Article in《PNAS》
Safdar Hussain, the Ph.D student of College of Economics has published a paper in Computers in Human Behavior
The team of Huang Biao of FAFU published the research achievements in the journal of 《ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering》
The team of Professor Chen Jilong of FAFU got important progress in the research on the resistance of animal influenza virus
The team of Zhang Liangsheng of the Center for Genomics and Biotechnology of the Cross-strait Joint Research Institute published t...
《Nature》published a research paper co-authored by Prof. Tang Haibao of the Center for Genomics and Biotechnology of the Cross-st...
The Botany and Zoology Disciplines of FAFU entered into the top 1% of ESI global ranking
The research group led by Professor Wang Zhiyong and Professor Wang Wenpei of Basic Forestry and Proteomics Research Center of the...
Professor Chen Xu of the Cross-strait Joint Research Institute published a review article in the international authoritative acade...
Professor Claude Caldwell of Dalhousie University in Canada visited FAFU for cooperation
Graduate students of the team of Professor He Shuilin of College of Crop Science published serial research papers in the renowned ...
The associate professor Zhao Chaofu published a research paper in the journal of《Chemical Communications》
The research achievement of FAFU on pineapple genome was figured on the cover of 《Nature·Genetics》 and commented in the News and...
The First Sino-US Predictive Microbiology and Chemical Residue Analysis Forum was held at FAFU
FAFU held a News Release Conference——The team of Professor Ray Ming deciphered the genome of pineapple for the first time in the w...
The 2015 Cross-strait Phytobiology Summer Camp & Seminar was opened in FAFU
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