Biotechnology Undergraduate Major

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Biotechnology is derived from modern biology’s development and its cross integration with related disciplines, whose core is genetic engineering about DNA recombination, and microbial engineering, protein engineering, cell engineering and antibody technology as well. Our training for basic theory, knowledge and skills of modern biology and biotechnology; preliminary research and technology development can educate students with good scientific quality, sense of innovation and practical ability for biotechnology.
Our students are major in basic theory and knowledge about biotechnology, and trained for thinking and experiment of application research and technology development, and possess excellent scientific literacy and essential ability of teaching, researching, developing and management.

The Biotechnology undergraduate curriculum has four components

       Biology (5 courses/5lab)

       Biotechnology (4 courses/lab)

       Research training (3 courses)

       Practice training (1 courses)

Biotechnology has emerged as a major contributor to the advancement of agriculture, medicine, and environmental sciences. The biotechnology industry is becoming one of the most promising sectors in the world’s economy. The industry’s primary goal is to invent new biologically active substances for the treatment of disease, to produce more nutritious and more plentiful sources of foods, and to innovate ways to clean up the environment and explore alternative fuel sources. Recent developments in biotechnology, particularly molecular biology, are yielding major improvements in agricultural productivity, breakthroughs in human health care, and new solutions to environmental problems.