Biological Sciences Major

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Training ObjectivesThe students must  systematically  master basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of biological science , possess the strong foundation of natural science(mathematics, physics,chemistry )and application ability of foreign language and computer, get good training of professional skill so as to master the theory knowledge and practice skills which involved in teaching, research, technology development and management work of biological science and become an applied, compound talents with high quality. The specialty is relying on the National science base of  basic talent cultivation, the National construction point of Biology characteristic specialty , theExperimental area of science- combining-agriculturetype ofBiological innovative talent training in the West coast  of Taiwan Strait , the Experimental area of Biological innovative and entrepreneurial talent training in the West coast  of Taiwan Strait,Fujian province.  There areone level one discipline of Biological doctoral point and one Biology post-doctoral research mobile station in the specialty. the specialty is divided  into two training directions to meet the social needs, they are the Ecological security and risk assessment and the Development and utilization of medicinal plant .

Teaching Requirements:The  students of the specialty should mainly study and master the basic theory, basic knowledge of biological sciences, get scientific thinking and experimental skills training in basic research and applied basic research , possess the good scientific literacy and certain teaching and scientific research ability.The graduates should have several aspects of the knowledge and ability as follow:

1.To master the basic theory and basic knowledge of;mathematics ,physics, chemistry, computer and English ;

2.To master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic experimental skills of major curriculums of  biological science;

3.To posses the basic capabilities of biological scientific experiment and research;

4. To understand the theory frontier, development trend and industry requirements of biological science

5.To understand the national science and technology policy,intellectual property rights and related policies and regulations;

6.To master the basic ways of data query, literature search and to obtain relevant knowledge and information by using modern information technology; To  possesscertain ability of scientific research and innovation, such as experiment design, statistics and analysis of experiment data and experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

Trunk Disciplines:Biology  Ecology

Core Curriculums:Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Genetics, Cell biology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology,Plant physiology,Ecology; Medicinal plant resources, Medicinal plant cultivation, Medicinal plant biotechnology; Environmental analysis and monitoring, Environmental evaluation, planning and design of regional ecological environment, etc

MajorPracticeEducationProgram:Comprehensive experiment of environment monitoring and evaluation , Comprehensive experiment of medicinal plant resources and utilization,Specialty curriculum practice , Curriculumresearch method, Specialty production practice.

Main Speciality Experiment: Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Ecology ,Plant physiology and biochemistry, Molecular biology, Cell biology,

Length of Schooling:Four years

Degree:Bachelor of science

SimilarSpecialty :Ecology, Biotechnology