Department of Biotechnology

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The Department of Biotechnology provides students with fundamental knowledge and laboratory skills in biotechnology, focusing on molecular biology and genetics. Students are encouraged to participate in one of the following research fields: animal, microbial, and plant biotechnology; human and plant genetics. Within each of these areas, students are exposed to current problems in the biological sciences and the role that biotechnology can play in solving them, and importantly to the diverse social issues relating to biotechnology. Students majoring in biotechnology would be broadly educated for positions in the biotechnology industry and prepare for graduate and professional study in the life sciences.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science


Graduate Degrees

Master of Science

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Doctor of Philosophy

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Contact Information

411Life Science Hall,

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, Fujian350002

Tel: 086-591-83789494

Fax: 086-591-83789352