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  Founded in April 2001, the School of Life Science is one of the most highly regarded and selective college among agriculture and forestry universities in China. Within its first decade, the school has established itself as a life science research and basic education unit with distinctive features. The discipline of biology is part of the training base of national science foundation research. We have 148 faculty and staff including 23 professors, 31 associate professors and 56 lecturers.

A key feature of the school is its departmental structure. The school is comprised of six academic departments: Applied Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics. The school offers undergraduate, graduate and professional education with a biology postdoctoral mobile research center, doctoral and master degrees in biology first-class discipline, 13 doctoral and master degrees in second-class disciplines, master degrees in 2 major and 6 undergraduate programs. Currently, there are some 150 undergraduates, 440 master students and 71 Ph.D students enrolled at the school. 
The research structures at the school work as a model of international universities. There are 14 research centers and institutes including 3 national research platforms and 6 provincial research platforms. Our research groups contribute substantially to the National Key Programs for Science and Technology Development of China, State Natural Science Fund and projects from Ministries and enterprises. Research activities at the school have been maintained at high level as documented in the progress reports, publications and patents of the individual groups. 
Another important aim of the school is to provide students with a platform for career opportunities. Success in this area is demonstrated by 11 members who left the school to take up appointments as a master's degree studying at universities in Germany and by a few outstanding exchange students who are studying in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Many domestic and foreign experts and scholars have been invited and had topics on the scientific research, discipline construction, personnel training and joint research.
The School of Life Science is making her effort to develop into a national-class or international-class school in the 21 century, the century of life science   

School of Life Sciences