FAFU Holds the First International Cultural Festival

time: 2013-12-26   author:   clicks: 214



From December 5th to 16th, FAFU will hold the first " International Cultural Festival of FAFU".

The activities of the festival includes: Education Internationalization Retrospective of FAFU, Education Internationalization Series forums, Ethnic Culture Exhibition and Food Tastes, and 2013 International Annual Conference of Sino-alien education cooperation. Experts from University of British Columbia, Agricultural College of Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University, the University of Alberta and the Durban University of Techonology in South Africa will attend the relevant forums.

The festival aims to accelerate the process of FAFU’s education internationalization, summarize and exchange experiences and educational outcomes of recent foreign cooperation in running school, explore new ways to enhance international education standards, and expand the international exchange platform. Through series of activities of the International Cultural Festival, teachers and  students will further broaden horizons, enrich cultural heritage, create a diverse campus culture, provid a showcase for the talented students from various countries to promote their own history and culture, while allowing teachers and students to learn more about world culture, deepen exchanges between international students, understanding and friendship.



Thousand Foreign Talents Program expert Geoff M Gurr make a lecture