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    ForestryCollegehas a long history.It developed from Department of Forestry in Agricultural College established in 1940 in Fujian province. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University was established in October 2000, which was merged by Fujian Agricultural University and Fujian Forestry University. In April 2001, Forestry college of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University was established based on the original Resources and Environment Department of Fujian Forestry University. In the past 73 years, through pioneering work, step-by-step progress, and healthy development, ForestryCollegehasdeveloped from a faculty with one major into a large scale college with many majors and multi-level education.

    At present, Forestry College has a forestry postdoctoral research center, a first level discipline of doctor's degree authorization center for Forestry, 11 secondary disciplines of doctor's degree authorization centers (includingSilviculture, Forest management, Forest Protection, Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding, Soil & Water Conservation and Desertification Combating, Wildlife Conservation and Utilization, Garden Botany, Economic Forest, Science of nature reserve, Coastal zone forest and environment, Culture of pharmaceutical plant),….

    College has a national characteristic major of Forestry, a key national and provincial discipline of Silviculture, a key discipline in state forestry administration of Silviculture, five national college students' innovative projects. Besides, it has two provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial quality courses, 3 provincial high quality master's project courses (includingForest cultivation project, quantity ecology, watershed management), three key university laboratories in Fujian province, a provincial teaching team,2 provincial innovation experimental disciplines for talent training mode which are Forestry and Ecology, four sharing platforms for provincial researches which are engineering technology research center for Chinese fir in Fujian province, engineering technology research center for Chinese herbal medicine GAP in Fujian province, engineering technology research center for the southern forest resources and environment in Fujian province and engineering technology research center for Camellia oleifera Abel.

    Forestry College has presided over and took part in more than 200 projects, such as the international cooperation projects, the national Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Five-Year Plans of science research project, the national Eleventh, Twelfth Five-Year Plans of support projects, the national natural science fund project, national 948 project, science and technology major projects in Fujian province, the province engineering research center project, natural science foundation of Fujian province. There were more than 200 scientific payoffs authorizedby national or provincial administrations, …..

    ForestryCollegehasseven teaching institutions: Forest Resources, Resources and Environment and Urban and Rural Planning, Water and Soil Conservation, Forest Tourism Protection, Ecological Environment, Statistics, Experiment center. There are 17 laboratories: Forest ecological process and operation key laboratory, Physiological and biochemical laboratory for trees, Forestry biotechnology laboratory, Treesspecimen laboratory, Dendrology laboratory, Specimen room for forest insects, Microscopy Room…

    Forestry College has13 scientific research institutions, such as Modern forestry research center on both sides of the Taiwan straits, Engineering technology research center of Chinese fir attached to State Forestry Bureau, The institute of soil and water conservation in south of Fujian province, Chinese fir research center, Forest and environment research institute, Forest protection research institute, The institute of industrial raw materials, Bamboo research institute, Economic forestresearch institution, Camellia oleiferaAbel research center, Medicinal plants research institution, Forestry Ecology research institute, Research institute of soil and water conservation, Urban and rural planning research center, Eucalyptus research center.

    ForestryCollege has establishedfriendly relations and strengthened the academic communication with other universities and research institutions, suchas British ColumbiaUniversity inCanada, Forestry of Oregon Universityin the United States, Agronomy department in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Universityof Edinburgh, Forestry of National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, and National Chiayi University in Taiwan.

    Forestry College has gained many honorary titles such as National model sweet home for staff members, Advanced group of teacher's ethics construction, provincial model sweet home for staff members, Advanced group of provincial education system caring for the next generation, Outstanding achievement of "Project activities" in college party branch work in Fujian province, Advanced campus in the ninth civilized campus in Fujian province, Advanced group of teacher's ethics construction, Advanced group for school students work, Awarded university for graduates employment work, Awarded university for student financial aid work, Advanced group for the school students archives work. Youth League Committee ofForestry College was awarded as advanced group in university and province many times, won "May 4th red flag league branch" in university and in the communist Youth League in Fujian, and was awarded social practice advanced group. ForestryCollegehas trained and supplied a large number of outstanding talents in various industries, in which more than 700 people are doctors or masters, and more than 10000 people are graduates. The graduates spread all over the country and home and abroad, most of them have become the key talents in their work and are thought highly of by employers, which in turn helps build the good reputation of the college.