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"Iresearch platform-Oxford E-book" opens full database for trial

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Iresearch e-book platform is the latest in-depth cooperation project between Oxford University Press (hereinafter referred to as Oxford) and China Education Book Import and Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Education Book Company). Oxford authorized Education Book Company to promote and sell Oxford's full range of academic monographs on the Iresearch platform with subject packages and no concurrent user limit model.

为了让用户更好地在爱学术(Iresearch)平台上体验牛津高质量的学术内容,尽快熟悉了解平台的各项功能及服务,牛津为我校读者开通了截至到20191130日的全库免费体验活动。In order to help users better experience Oxford's high-quality academic content on the Iresearch platform, and familiarize themselves with the functions and services of the platform as soon as possible, Oxford opens the entire database for free use of our universitytill November 30, 2019.


体验活动结束后,读者可访问内容将恢复为我校实际订购的9578本牛津电子图书内容。After the free trial, the content readers can access will be restored to the 9758 Oxford e-book content actually ordered by our university.



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