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"Emerald Full-text Journal Library (management & engineering)" reopens for trial

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Period for trial: from now to November 30, 2019

Resource introduction

1. Emerald Management Full-text Journal Library (2000-present)

Includes 281 kinds of management academic journal reviewed by experts, provides the most up-to-date management research outcome and academic ideas. the disciplines includes:

Accounting Finance and Economics

Business Management and 


Public Policy and 

Environmental Management


Information and Knowledge 


Education Management

Human Resource and Organizational Studies

Library Studies

Tourism Management

Operational Logistics and Quality Management

Real Estate Management 

and Construction Environment

Health and Social Care


Renowned journals are included, such as:

European Journal of Marketing

Management Decision

The TQM Management

Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

Personnel Review


2. Emerald Engineering Full-text Journal Databse (2000-present)

Collected 26 high-quality engineering journals reviewed by peers, and almost all of them are collected by SCI, EI, and have extensive readers and authors in China.

Material Science and 


Computer Engineering 

and Computation



Electronic Manufacture and packaging

Mechanical engineering




3. Emerald Backfiles (first volume of the first issue till 2000)

Contains nearly 180 full-text journals and more than 110,000 full-text content covering accounting, finance and law, human resources, management science and policy, library and information science, and engineering. All journals are dated back to the first volume of the first issue, with the earliest date back to 1898.


Support service

Emerald Chinese portal:, providing user services, academic publishing, latest events and project information

International journal submission editing service (download link) or contact

Press Profile

Emerald was founded in 1967 by scholars from the Bradford University Management Center, one of the world's top 100 business schools. From publishing the only one journal to being one of the world's largest press of management journals, Emerald has been dedicated to the publication of management, library science, engineering expert review journals, and humanities and social science books. It has authors and users from 100% of the world's top 100 business schools, 100% of the world's top 200 universities and authors, and nearly 60% of the world's top 500 corporate users.


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