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Appreciate Classics, Recall Centurial May Fourth ---Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Held the Third Poetry Competition

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    On the evening of May 18th, in the audio-visual reading room on the second floor of YifuRun Run Shaw library Library, the 15th Reading Festival of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University was held to appraise and elect ambassadors of the reading festival--“recall the centurial May Fourth to make contribution, celebrate the Seventieth  anniversary to build new achievement", together with the third poetry competition of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. Lin Hong and Bai Jinjie from college of literaturehumanities and law, the library teachers, the student representative of each reading clubs, and the head of the entrepreneurial bookstore participated in the contest as honored guests and judges. The competition attracted many students to watch, and the atmosphere was intense and warm. The Fujian Comprehensive Channel “Help Group V Live” conducted a live broadcast of the event, and received wide attention.

participants sharing their declaration of participation

Judge teachers making comments

participants answering questions

audience interaction

    In the competition, each player showed his fullest state. The poems of ancient rhymes drove the audience to exploretaste and appreciate poems together, conveying the classics, and making voice for youth and the May 4th in different ways. The three sections of the poetry competition were closely related to the theme, and the diverse forms brought different tests and reflections to the participants. During the interaction section, "“the patriotic poem you know"” further mobilized the audience's ardently lovelove for poetry. The audience were active to raise their hands and make speech. They are proactive and talk endlessly about the patriotic feelings of great historical figures and the affection of the motherland.

    In this competition, two ambassadors for the reading festival were elected, and it also elected one student each for the first, second and third prize of the poetry competition.

group photo

    After the competition, the judges commented on the players and highly praised the outstanding performance of the students in terms of poetry taste, positive inheritance of culture, and singular patriotism. They encouraged the students to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, contribute their youth and become the builders and successors of socialism cause. The audience present at the scene said that as young men of the new era, they would start from this place, reading Chinese poetry and passing on the red classic; the dream have just started accompany with this poetry competition.

(College of Corp Science, Cai Wanhua/article  Wei Qinghu/photo )

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