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The Library of Anxi Campus Hosted the Third "Thinking While Reading" reader salon event

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    With the arrival of the“World Reading Day” world reading day, on the evening of April 25th, the third "thinking while reading" readers salon was held in the Mingshe Teahouse at Anxi campus. This event was sponsorhosted by the library of Anxi campus, the youth league committee of Anxi College of Tea Science, and was undertaken by the reporter station of our university newspaper press corps at Anxi campus. Zhang Duanyang, research fellow of the research center of Chinese tertiary industry economy at SUN Yat-Sen University and Chinese personnel academy, participated in this event, together with nearly 30 teachers and student readers from the library and Anxi College of Tea Science.

the sharing salon

    During the sharing salon, Mr. Zhang Duanyang gave a speech entitled “How to be both passionate and rich-minded for university students? from the questions of masters to the practice of Huawei”, and communicated with students. Mr. Zhang gave a vivid interpretation to the readers on the construction and training of Huawei talent team, its value creation, etc. At the same time, he encouraged students to improve their overall quality, to seize opportunities, and to well handle interpersonal relationships.

students sharing books

    After listening to the sharing of Mr. Zhang, the students present also raised their own deficiencies and doubts about reading. Several teachers and students have also shared their favorite books, and the experiences and feelings in reading one after another. “I am very happy to attend this reading salon. In the past two hours, it has once again inspired my desire for knowledge and reading. I hope that this kind of activity can be carried out more often, and it can have a bigger promotion! Chen Ming, a student majoring in enterprise management who enters our university in 2016, said emotionally.

group photo of reader's Salon

The implementation of readers' salon aims to enrich the extracurricular life of teachers and students, and to promote communication and exchange between them. At the same time, we call on every teacher and student at Anxi Campus to develop daily reading habits, to form a trend of reading books, to enjoy the fun of reading, and to further play the role of cultural education.

(reporter station of the university newspaper press corps at Anxi campus, Su Shiya/article  Zhao Yihan/photo)

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