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Trial use of PNAS

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ProductProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America


Period of trial usefrom now to May 31,2017

About PNAS

PNAS is one of the world's most-cited and comprehensive multidisciplinary scientific journals, publishing more than 3,100 research papers annually. Established in 1914, PNAS publishes cutting-edge research, science news, Commentaries, Reviews, Perspectives, Colloquium Papers, and actions of the National Academy of Sciences. PNAS is available by subscription.

The journal's content spans the biological, physical, and social sciences and is global in scope. Nearly half of all accepted papers come from authors outside the United States.

PNAS publishes only the highest quality scientific research. Every published paper is peer reviewed and has been approved for publication by an NAS member. Submissions are accepted from all researchers; authors do not need to have a connection to an NAS member to publish in PNAS.

New content portals and new journal features provide fresh perspectives on science at a general level—features on trending topics, opinions, explanations of core scientific concepts, and exploration of science and culture—to advance understanding of all aspects of science.

PNAS articles publish daily online in PNAS Early Edition as soon as they are accepted and final author changes are made, and in weekly issues. First decisions are typically made within 21 days. The date of online release is the official date of publication. Papers publish online 1–4 weeks before they appear in an issue, and PNAS can offer publication in as little as 4–5 weeks after acceptance to authors who return their proofs quickly.

The PNAS website launched in January 1997 and now receives over 50 million hits per month. The site contains PDFs of all articles in PNAS dating back to 1915, and the full text, figures, tables, equations, and references dating back to November 1996. PNAS makes all content free just 6 months after publication and immediately free in more than 100 developing countries. Authors who choose the PNAS Open Access option pay a surcharge to make their papers immediately free.

PNAS is abstracted and/or indexed in, for example: CABI, Chemical Abstracts Service, Current Contents Connect, EBSCOhost, Elsevier Scopus, Gale, H. W. Wilson, Index Medicus, Journal Watch, JSTOR, OCLC, Ovid, Portico, ProQuest, Psychological Abstracts, PubMed, and SCI.

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