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The Library Invited Professor Chai Yuping from Fujian Normal University for a Lecture on Current International Situation and China-US Relations in Jinshan Forum

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    On the evening of March 21th , 2017, Professor Chai Yuping was invisited as a guest speaker in Jinshan Forum·Liberal Knowledge Forum, he gave a lecture on the topic: Current International Situation and China-US Relations in Li Changsheng academic report hall to our faculty and students. More than 180 faculty and students attended the lecture. Chai Yuping is a professor at School of Public Administration, Fujian Normal University, member of China Scientific Socialism Society, Secretary-General of Fujian Province Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement Society.

    In the lecture, Professor Chai explained the current situations among different countries and the change in China-US relations, the assumption of 45th America President Donald Trump, changes in American domestic and foreign policies underPresident Trump,differences brought to China-US relations and incoming changes concerning China-US surrounding environment and other foreseen problems with humorous words. During the interactive section, both faculty and students in attendant interacted with professor Chai on certain interested problems, and the excellent responses of Professor Chai to all questions ignited more debate.

    This lecturer deepened students’ understanding about current international situation and China-US relations.




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