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FULink Subject Service Workgroup Visited Xiamen University Library for Investigation Study

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From December 27-28, 2016, Zheng Meiyu, FULink Subject Service Workgroup captain and the secretary of our university library, lead a team of 27 FULink membership library subject service team members to visit the library of Xiamen University Siming campus and Xiangan campus for investigation study. They carried out learning and exchange in the fields of subject service overall arrangement, disciplinary service organisation and practice, practices and data processing experience of disciplinary analysis, information literacy education (i Academy), embedded courses, and etc. They all believe that Xiamen University library has achieved very rich experience as a pioneer which carries out subject service work for 17 years. The 6 special reports not only broadened their vision, ravelled out ideas of working, but also provided a feasible and practical mode for each member library's transition in gradually developing subject service work.


This investigation study received great support from Curator Xiao Dehong, deputy curator Dai Lutao and Chen Bin, and all staffs of Xiamen University library. It achieved a great success.


Chen Sijia/article  Lin Chengzeng/photo

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