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The Library Held Reading Lecture

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In the evening of December 2, 2016, the library invited Doctor Li Fang, the research fellow and master supervisor of College of Plant Protection, to give a reading lecture on the topic of “Insects, Intentions, Philosophy” in the Audio & Visual reading room of Run Run Shaw Library. More than 100 faculty and students attended this lecture.


From her professional perspectives, Doctor Li Fang introduced faculty and students the origin and characteristics of insects and the correlation of materiality between insects and human beings. She also described the philosophy meanings implied in insect’s world with a poet's feelings. After the lecture, Doctor Li Fang had heated interactions with students and exhibited the elegant insect postage stamps from all over the world. From multiple aspects and degrees including science, philosophy and Buddhist meanings, this lecture showed faculty and students a wonderful insect world.


 (The Library  Chen Xiaoye/article  Chen Yuan/photo)

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