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Strategy on CNKI Literature Acquisition and Thesis Writing Skills

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In the afternoon of November 25, the library invited Liu Qian, the senior trainer from Tongfang CNKI, to give a lecture on the topic of Strategy on CNKI Literature Acquisition and Thesis Writing Skills. More than 100 faculty and students attended this lecture.

With three key words as fragment, integration, and association, this lecture incorporated the discipline features of our university and introduced CNKI central database, application methods of China economy and social development statistical database, and the digital learning and research platform: E-study. She also introduced how to track hotspot information and discipline development trends with CNKI, how to realise personal knowledge information management, how to extract effective knowledge element from mass information and then shared knowledge network and etc. This lecture benefited faculty and students a lot. Some of them also communicated and discussed with the lecturer on their interesting questions. Through this lecture, the presented faculty and students obtained a better understanding on how to acquire scientific research literature with CNKI, and how to improve paper writing skills.   


 (The Library Xiao Yamin/article  Chen Yuan/photo)

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