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The Awarding Ceremony for Reading Walks With You Article Composition & Lecture on Literature Creation

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In the evening of November 22, 2016, the Reading Walks With You Article Composition ends successfully. It was co-sponsored by Fujian Province Culture Department and Society of Fujian Province Society for Library Science and was undertaken by the Library of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. The awarding ceremony was held in the Audio & Visual reading room of Run Run Shaw Library. Secretary of the Party Committee of the library Zheng Meiyu attended and gave the speech. More than 120 faculty, students, and members of Nanfeng Literature Association attended this event.

Through one month's time, this article composition contest received 129 essays, in which the works of 20 students stands good f. In the awarding ceremony, Secretary Zheng expressed sincere congratulations to award winners and enthusiastically expected that students could make friend with classics, walk with erudition, and come across a better oneself during reading. Afterwards, Secretary Zheng issued honour certificates to award-winning students.

A literature creation lecture named Original Ecology of Ancient Chinese Novel Creation as held afterwards. It was given by Bai Jinjie, a faculty from College of Humanities and Law. Quoting a large number of fable stories and classical beautiful essays that win universal praises, Bai introduced the creation course of ancient Chinese novels to faculty and students through the three aspects as phylogeny, creation history and distressful history of ancient Chinese novels. Bai restored the motivations of the creation of ancient Chinese novelists. Bai also wished students that do not be closed over by vanity, but write the words that have real values and significance to the society.  


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