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The Patent Retrieval Analysis Operations Based on Innography Lecture

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In the morning of November 18, Liu Jingwen, the consultant from Guangzhou Ourchem Information Consultancy Co., Ltd, gave a lecture on Patent Retrieval Analysis Operations Based on Innography in the Audio & Visual reading room of Run Run Shaw Library. All novelty searching staff of the library and more than 70 students attended this lecture.


In this lecture, Consultant Liu first introduced the patent retrieval of Innography, describing the powerful retrieval analysis functions and advantages of Innography applications. Liu explained the meaning of patent analysis in scientific research projects and shared skills in patent retrievals. In the end, Liu gave an instance analysis on Innography patent retrieval.


This lecture shows detailed introductions and comprehensive descriptions of the application procedures of Innography with practical cases. It was helpful for faculty and students to understand and use Innography patent retrieval, and it provided more convenient methods for scientific research patent retrieval.


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