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The Library Held 119 Fire Prevention Day Safety Lecture

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In order to expand the 119 Fire Prevention Day education propaganda, in the afternoon of November 10, the library invited Zhang Weijie, who serves in Fuzhou Social Security Fire Prevention Center, to give a lecture on fire prevention safety education to all staffs in the Audio & Visual reading room of Run Run Shaw Library. The lecture was hosted by Deputy Curator Wu Jianhong.

The lecture was developed from the four important aspects as fire prevention, prevention of burglary, prevention of accident and damage, and prevention of natural disaster. Through watching film, on-site explanation and practice, the staff learned the self-rescue measures towards urgent peril incidents and correct methods of using fire control tools. Through this lecture, all staff of the library obtained a better understanding of potential safety hazard in daily life and working, and further strengthened awareness of personal and property security prevention.  


 (The Library  Chen Xiaoye/article/photo)

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