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The library held a calligraphy theme exchange meeting

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The library held a calligraphy theme exchange meeting

On the afternoon of November 24th,a calligraphy exchange meeting entitled “Write Chinese Characters well, be a decent Chinese, Pass on Chinese Traditional Culture”was held at the audio-visual reading room of Run Run Shaw Library. This meeting was sponsored by the library and the youth league committee of our university, and jointly organized by the college students calligraphy and fine arts research association. Mr. Dai Diwu was invited to make the theme sharing for more than 100 students and faculty from both inside and outside of our university. He is a member at Fujian calligraphers association and serves as the vice president of Fujian Jinqiu painting institute.

Mr. Dai vividly expounded the origin and historical development of Chinese characters and calligraphy, the current situation of Chinese calligraphy usage in modern times, and the importance in promoting Chinese calligraphy in the context of the new era. At the same time, through handwriting and teaching on-the-spot , he integrated teaching with fun, and explained the cultural connotation of Chinese character combinations in detail.

讲座现场the lecture

"write with the ink to achieve beauty out of the paper and ink", in the calligraphy exchange, Mr. Dai splashed the ink for calligraphy under the watchful eyes of the students, improvising and creating one and another excellent calligraphy works.

挥毫泼墨calligraphy creation

This event attempted to combine traditional culture with ideological education to deliver a "delicacy" of Chinese calligraphy culture, helping the excellent calligraphy culture bloom in the new era.


(The Library  Xiao Yamin/article, Zhang Weikun from the calligraphy and fine arts association)

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