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The Library Held 【Nanmu Lotus Forum】Culture Salon -- Interesting Popularization of Science (IV) • Looking for the "Tea"

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The Library Held Nanmu Lotus ForumCulture Salon -- Interesting Popularization of Science (IV) • Looking for the "Tea"


On the afternoon of October 25th, theNanmu Lotus ForumCulture Salon - Interesting Popularization of Science (IV) was held in the fourth study space at Yifu library. The theme of this salon was "looking for the tea". It invited Chen Ping, from College of Horticulture, for the theme sharing, and more than 30 students and faculty attended this event.  

Thethetssss沙龙现场scene of the salon


活动中主讲嘉宾陈萍老师与在座的师生交流了中国渊源流长的茶文化历史,并就茶的分类、功效、泡制方法等知识为师生们一一道来。陈萍老师还分享了自己在习茶过程中的趣事和斯里兰卡交流茶文化的异国经历。沙龙互动环节,陈萍老师准备了多种茶叶,让在场师生们挑战自己的大脑和舌尖。沙龙现场还邀请校茶艺队的同学进行了茶艺展示,示范茶艺礼仪,活动现场弥漫着浓郁的茶香。In the event, the guest speaker Chen Ping exchanged the long history of tea culture in China with the students and faculty presented, and introduced the knowledge of tea classification, efficacy and brewing methods one by one. Chen Ping also shared her interesting experiences in learning tea, and the exotic experience at Sri Lanka when exchanging tea culture. In the interaction session of the salon, Chen Ping prepared a variety of teas to allow students and faculty to challenge their brains and tongues. The salon also invited members from the teaart team of our university to give a tea art show, demonstrating tea art and etiquette; the site of this salon was filled with rich fragrance of tea.

茶艺展示tea art show


With intoxicating tea at hand, why wine desired; with the fragrance of books, no flowers needed. During the salon, students and faculty appreciated the traditional Chinese folk music while enjoying a diversity of Chinese tea, directly realizing the profound history and permanent charm of Chinese tea culture.

The 沙龙现场Thethe scene of salon scene


(the library  Wang Yongqing/article, Chen Xiaoye/photo)

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