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The Library Held 【Nanmu Lotus Forum】 Culture Salon -- Stall of Humanity (IV) • millennial Beauty of Chinese Costume--the Chapter of Cheongsam

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The Library Held Nanmu Lotus ForumCulture Salon -- Stall of Humanity

(IV) millennial Beauty of Chinese Costume--the Chapter of Cheongsam


On November 20, The library held the Nanmu Lotus ForumCultural Salon--Stall of Humanity (IV) at the forth study space at Run Run Shaw Library. The theme for this salon was the millennial beauty of Chinese costume - the chapter of Cheongsam. It invited Hu Xingyue,designer of Chinese style costume for the sharing, and more than 20 students and faculty attended this event.  

嘉宾讲解the guest speaker was lecturing


Wearing elegant plain color cheongsam, Hu Xingyue illustrated the whole transition process that this traditional costume of Manchu developed from the Qing dynasty to the period of the republic of China, till the modern times. Also, she described the traditional production process of Xiangyunsha (watered gauze), Kesi (a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread), Luo, and many other precious fabric; the characteristics and applications of the top four famous embroideries in China; and how the modern improved cheongsam reflects the sense of fashion without losing the Chinese classical rhythm in the design. Hu Xingyue also brought and demonstrated the valuable cheongsam and the Chinese fan of art made of Kesi. She then explained how to choose the right cheongsam for oneself and how to distinguish the real silk and hand-embroidered products. In the interactive section, students and faculty presented experienced the "splitting silk" technique as "extremely delicate needle works and silk as thin as soft hair".

工艺体验 experiencing the technique


This salon event brought an experiential aesthetic learning. It enabled the audience to understand the old and traditional technique, to love traditional Chinese culture, and to better inherit and develop the declining non-material cultural heritage.

细品精致 delicate product

(图书馆  陈肖烨//图)

(the library  Chen Xiaoye/article/photo)

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