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Re-open the trial use of"incoPat global patent literature database"

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Period of trial usefrom Jun. 12,2018 to Sep. 11,2018

Login method: campus network IP control mode (open the website address, click IP login)

Platform introduction:

Beijing HeXiang smart technology co., LTD. ( HeXiang smart) is a leading intellectual property information service provider in the world. It has an industry senior product research and development and service team, and has formed a global professional service network. The company has independently developed many star products such as incoPat technology innovation intelligence platform, incoMonitor HeXiang innovation monitoring system and HeXiang smart APP, all of which have achieved success.

       IncoPat is China's first patent database with independent intellectual property rights.It stands out in the Chinese market with comprehensive data collection,the fastest updating speed and excellent user experience. IncoPat won the first intellectual property tool competition held by the state intellectual property office in 2017.

      The incoPat platform is a comprehensive collection of hundreds of millions of patent documents from 112 countries, organizations or regions. These data are updated within 48 hours. This is the first time that the global patent information can be accessed through Chinese retrieval, and the in-depth integration of all kinds of legal information. The first homologous database retrieval in China was established, and the first rapid screening of HeXiang's massive value data was initiated, which can provide the most comprehensive information and the most accurate analysis.

IncoPat is now widely recognized in related industries. Including enterprises, colleges and universities, such as legal services, including more than 1000 institutions, they have become incoPat users: TOP100 out innovation in the enterprise, more than 70% of companies are using incoPat, including HuaWei, ZTE, JingDong, XiaoMi, Midea, Gree, and so on famous science and technology enterprises. More than 40 per cent of IP services have become loyal users of incoPat.

       In the future, HeXiang wisdom will provide more customers with the most professional intellectual property information services in the world with the enterprise spirit of simplicity, perfection and sharing.

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